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Corporate Identity Sound Design Globus

A uniform and distinctive brand sound is a very important element for an integral presentation of a company’s brand and acoustic business card. In line with the big brand relaunch GLOBUS trusted in echion Mediagroup and now also acoustically communicates the brand with an individual corporate identity sound design.

Acoustic Communication of the Brand

GLOBUS has undergone a complete relaunch of its branding since 2021. The active redirection of the appearance started in spring 2022 with a logo re-design. The new corporate identity is now step by step being implemented in all outlets and market halls. Starting with the small price tag on the shelf to the complete outside perception on parking lots and buildings – the new GLOBUS branding will soon integrally appear on all touchpoints. This redirection also had to be realized acoustically: with a new corporate identity sound design.

echion - full-service professional for brand-true instore audio

Flexible Application of the Sound Design

The goal was to develop a corporate identity sound design, which strategically implements the new brand equity on all relevant channels – from radio to social media to the GLOBUS-own instore radio program. For this program we not only developed background music tracks for spots, but also modified tracks for editorial use e.g., for weather and news.
The newly defined brand equities of GLOBUS were acoustically interpreted in several workshops with the marketing team, afterwards company DIE KLANGMACHER composed the new sound in their own studio.

Long-term and Convertible Application of the new Sound Concept

The entire design should not only be unique, but also sustainable. The new corporate sound was composed for flexibility: single audio tracks can be exchanged or added and, therefore, the compositions enable refreshing or seasoning.
Additionally, two new corporate voices were casted, who are now the brand ambassadors of GLOBUS. One male and one female voice are now representing the brand GLOBUS at the point of sale.

The new GLOBUS corporate identity sound is distinctive and unique and an important element of the new branding. The sound as well as the speakers’ voices transport the brand GLOBUS from the studio to the shoppers – on all audible channels and media, for a long-term recognition factor.

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