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echion digital signage is perfectly aligned with your target group and brand definition, making it an indispensable component of digital store design and your brand communication. We develop a sophisticated concept for you that makes your advertising message tangible for your customer and is perfectly tailored to communication goals, store design and touchpoint. As your full-service provider, we also supply you with the right content. Our expertise ranges from classic product promotion in video spots to 3D animation and editorial, animated instore TV programs. Rely on the years of experience of our motion graphic designers and editors.

echion - full-service professional for brand-true digital signage
Leistungen - Digital Signage Steelen als Wegfinder

Our services for your individual digital signage solution

Digital Stele

A digital signage screen, including all of the necessary technology, is integrated into a beautifully designed housing. The design is individually created according to the customer’s CI specifications. The installation of touch screens for interactive content is also possible.

Menu Board

Digitalization of menu posters in the restaurant area are available with one or more digital signage screens. Quickly changeable customer information about food and beverage prices as well as daily updated offers are also possible.

Menu Board als Digital Signage Screens in Restaurants
Regal- oder Gondelkopfscreens für Digital Store Design

Checkout Signage

One or more digital signage screens on the back wall of the checkout help reduce the perceived waiting time in the checkout process and convey large-format customer information.

Shelf or gondola head screen

An attention-grabbing screen in a special format can be integrated on a gondola-head shelf, for example. The screen thus becomes an integral part of the store design, elegantly yet strikingly complementing the digital store design.
Regal- oder Gondelkopfscreens für Digital Store Design
Multiscreen Wall als Digital Signage Screen in Stores


Installation of several digital signage screens with a very narrow frame can form a large-format video wall. Content can be played individually on each screen or simultaneously on all screens.

Facts Digital Signage

of customers look at digital signage screens at the point of sale
of customers want to get informed on digital signage screens at the point of sale
of average sales increase from digitalizing a gondola head shelf
of customers find that screens on the sales area create a modern ambience

FAQ Digital Signage

Digital signage displays are specially tailored to the requirements of professional communication. Among other things, they are designed for around-the-clock use and can be centrally controlled and managed via special interfaces. They offer higher luminosity to make the content played out easily perceivable regardless of weather or light.

Moving images generate significantly more attention than a static print medium. In addition, the content on the screens can be adapted centrally and in real time by using the echion content management system. This makes it possible to react in a flexible and quick way  to changing conditions (weather, availability of goods, etc.). Furthermore, costs for print, logistics and handling are saved as well.

The experienced specialists in our motion graphics department can help you create eye-catching content. Whether it’s animating pictures or creating moving images, at echion you get all the services from a single source, uncomplicated and of the highest quality.
Using echion’s own content management system, the “echion Manager,” our customers bring their marketing planning to their digital signage screens easily, autonomously andseamlessly. Group your players according to your own or already existing criteria, plan and create your playlists conveniently and centrally and book them flexibly, quickly and easily on your digital signage screens.

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