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360 degree Instore Experience

Making brands available to all senses has been more than just our vision for over 20 years!

Deriving from the defined target group as well as the brand values of our customers,we develop individual media strategies as a full-service provider in the sectors Instore audio, premium sound, digital signage, LED installations, marketing and scent marketing. Not only do we always consider the complete customer journey, we also have both the right hardware and content at hand for our customers.


Our solutions must first and foremost entice and influence the customer! This is why the developement of an individual communication concept, based on your customer journey even before the start of the project, is crucial for us.

Hardware procurement

Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly which components fit your project and always offer them at a top price-performance ratio. For this purpose, we work with the latest technologies for your individual concept. Independent of the manufacturer.


Whether it’s an own player on the POS system, an individual booking solution or simply a stable 24/7-playing software – we provide the right solution for your requirements. In doing so, we are constantly investing in developing our products.

Content creation

The creation of auditory, visual or olfactory content is an indispensable part of a good and successful communication approach. Because of this we have a team of experts for each medium, who will implement your message in an optimal manner regarding the respective touchpoint. 


As your full-service partner we will take care of all aspects of your installation, whether it´s a speaker system, mounting digital signage solutions or integrating our scent system into your store at one or multiple locations.


When the daily routine begins, we will continue standing by your side! We are always there, close by and available for you. Updating content, monitoring full functionality but also proactive program maintenance is our daily business, so that you are always satisfied with our performance regarding your product.


Refinance your solutions by assigning local, regional and national times to advertising partners. Our marketing professionals at and Magma Media GmbH are market leaders and support you with their many years of expertise.

Kaleidoscope with orange circles for all services: digital signage, scent marketing, in-store audio, LED solutions

We keep an all-round view for you: technically secure beyond national borders and always to the point in terms of content.

360 degree content strategy

We keep an eye on all touchpoints for you and adjust the overall experience of your target group accordingly. In content design and production, we work holistically and strategically based on your brand DNA.

Europe-wide as a partner for the strongly branched retail trade

We are your partner for instore solutions actross national borders, throughout Europe. We adapt your content and programs to suit the respective country preferences and ensure a legally compliant playout.

High reliability

Black screens or silent speakers –not with echion. The functionality of our products is our highest priority. We monitor all our systems technically and if something should happen, we are available via our 24-hour hotline.

echion Manager

Anytime, anywhere access to every booking and every player? No problem with the “echion Manager”. With our web-based software, we offer you a content management system and monitoring tool for your echion solutions. Our goal: to offer you full flexibility, control and transparency!

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