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We will make your brand the eye-catcher!

LED walls offer you fascinating color experiences that are eye-catching even in high-traffic environments. They impress with high luminosity and contrast values, lifelike and brilliant images – even in bright sunlight. At the same time, the many possible combinations and the almost infinite scalability of the cabinets make them so flexible that echion LED installations can be used close to everywhere. From displays at the point of sale to impressive facade cladding – there are no limits to creativity.

As an excellent full-service provider, we deliver a complete hardware concept for you that is optimally tailored to the framework conditions of your project, and we accompany you throughout the entire installation. Our motion graphics designers complement the portfolio with a wide range of visual content that perfectly showcases your brand.

echion - full-service professional for brand-true led solutions
Leistungen - Module für Ihre individuelle LED Lösung

Our modules for your individual LED solution


Standardized LED displays are assembled modularly and seamlessly from serial manufactured cabinets. With these cabinets, countless formats and sizes can be provided both indoors and outdoors.


Whether curved or built around a corner, our standardized design modules replicate even unusual shapes. With beveled and angled cabinets, convex and concave installations can be developed.
Leistungen - Design LED Disyplay Ecken
Individuelle LED Wings von echion

Individual LED

With sufficient time and creativity, there are close to no limits to the development of individual LED objects. LED modules cut to shape or flexible LED strings can illuminate facades as well as art objects.

Facts LED Installations

and less are the smallest possible pixel pitches of a LED cabinet
different color shades can be displayed on an LED wall
of customers actively perceive content on an LED wall at the point of sale
is currently the largest LED facade in the world: the Burj Khalifa in Dubai

FAQ LED Installations

Since LED technology and displays are nowadays comparable in price,  it makes sense to consider an LED solution for screens with a diagonal of 100″ or more. The biggest advantage of an LED wall compared over display video walls is having no disturbing screen borders.

With indoor LED the viewing distance is usually shorter than with outdoor solutions, therefore the pixel pitch is smaller. Here, the following applies: minimum distance in meters = pixel pitch in millimeters. In addition, outdoor displays must be waterproof and have a higher luminosity.

The costs depend, among other things, on project requirements and customer wishes. Due to the enormous variety of LED technology and the different areas of application, there are no standard prices. However, prices are now comparable to other digital signage solutions.

For the production of your individual LED solutions you have to plan 10 to 12 weeks, as LED modules (“cabinets”) are usually only produced when ordered. The time required for the preliminary planning is very individual and clearly depends on the complexity of the project.

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