Scent Marketing

Since you can look the other way, but not smell the other way

We make your Brand perceptible!

Scent is always present, no matter if you are at home, work, in the car, nature or while shopping. In the same way that people cannot walk across the sales floor with closed eyes or stop listening and hearing what is going on around them, olfactory stimuli – the perception of fragrances in the air – cannot be ignored. With Instore Scent you have the chance to free the smellable brand experience from chance and therefore actively control the perception of your visitors. Based on your brand values, our perfumers select the right composition from over 5000 available fragrances for a lasting scent experience in your space.

echion - full service professional for scent marketing
Mit Instore Scent für Stimmung und Wohlbefinden bei Kunden sorgen

The Effect of Instore Scent

Mood and Well-being

Scent has a direct effect on the emotional center in the brain, creating a feel-good atmosphere in your space. Our compositions also have a positive effect on the motivation of your employees.

Dwell time and Purchase Probability

echion Instore Scent can ensure an increase in the average checkout receipt and a significantly higher willingness to buy through a longer dwell time of customers. Furthermore it has been proven to increase the probability of impulse purchases.

Verweildauer und Kaufwarscheinlichkeit steigen mit Duftmarketing von echion
Duftmarketing von echion sorgt für mehr Markenerkennung Ihrer Brand

Brand Recognition

By creating a scent that is optimally aligned with the essence of your brand, you are increasing the engagement of customers with your brand. Olfactorily linked stimuli can be stored in the memory five times longer than purely visual experiences.

Improvement of Air Quality

With echion Instore Scent unpleasant or unwanted odours can, in addition, be easily removed from your space. In this process, they are not only covered but enclosed by the scent particles and therefore neutralized.

Duftmarketing von echion sorgt für die Verbesserung der Luftqualität

Facts Scent Marketing

of customers consciously perceive Instore Scent at the Point of Sale
of customers rate the echion fragrance selection as "good" and "very good"
is the average amount of olfactory cells a human has
of human emotions are influenced by olfactory stimuli.

FAQ Scent Marketing

Scent acts directly in the limbic system of the brain, lifts mood, creates a positive atmosphere and increases the length of stay of a customer. Studies show that this has a positive effect on the probability of purchase and therefore an increase in the average checkout receipt. In addition, scent has a strong memory effect and thus supports brand recognition and loyalty.

All fragrances used by echion AG are certified, tested for allergens and provided with a safety data sheet. As a result, the risk of an allergic reaction is reduced to a bare minimum.

Used correctly, fragrancing takes place at the perceptual threshold. This is particularly important to guarantee the well-being of employees, who should also find the scenting pleasant over the course of an entire working day. In addition, at some point employees no longer actively perceive the scent, because the nose “is getting used to the scent”.

The size of the area that can be scented depends on the technology used. Stand-alone devices are capable of scenting areas from 20 m² to approximately 500 m². Diffusers suitable for use in ventilation systems can scent entire floors with areas of 1,000 m² and more.

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