Kids’ Entertainment

Entertaining the smaller customers at the Point of Sale

echion Kids Entertainment makes shopping a fun experience

Kids like to be entertained – even while shopping. The echion Kids Entertainment Program makes sure that children and their parents experience a pleasant shopping trip. Amusing movies or interactive games on child-friendly installations provide perfect children’s entertainment at the point of sale.
The echion Kids Entertainment is suitable for any room and increases the fun factor for children, so that the whole family enjoys being in the store.

Kinderkino Zeichnung Mutter geht mit Tochter shoppen

Kids Movies

Best entertainment with Disney©

32‘‘ screens show a variety of popular Disney©-stories. Completed scenes from well-known films about princesses, pirates or animals are played out in short form so that there are no tears at the end of the visit. Regular updates ensure that even repeated visits do not become boring.

Kids Games

Fun, interactive Games for Children

Educational and interactive games offer interactive entertainment and a meaningful activity. The high-quality, animal-shaped installations hold a 27‘‘ touchscreen and can be visually integrated in any room concept. These games have been specifically designed to boost concentration, creativity and logical thinking.

A fitting installation for every room

Framing of the Kids Entertainment station may be adapted to the company’s corporate design. By integrating the company logo, the Kids Movies also represents the company.
You decided in favor of interactive entertainment? Choose your target group’s favorite animal: The Kids Games are available as elephants, giraffe, rhino or bison. The additional color selection ensures that the animal shape is guaranteed to match your room concept.

All models can be flexibly integrated. Whether standing in the room or hanging on the wall. The Kids Games stations are also available double-sided, so that several children can benefit from your offer at the same time and play without having to wait.
You would like to entertain your little visitors, but not be disturbed yourself? No problem, because the sound can be individually adjusted, regulated or turned off completely.

Easy pricing

  • Disney licenses included
  • regular updates
  • monthly rental
  • permanent game licenses
  • monthly rental
  • different periods of validity

FAQ Kids‘ Entertainment

Only short, self-contained film scenes are shown, then the program switches to another short-form film. This way the parents do not have to wait too long for the end of a scene.
The Kids Games section provides short, interactive games, that can be exited at any time and do not create the urge to keep on playing.

The Kids Movies films are suitable for children of all ages. The program’s short form scenes were carefully selected so that even anxious and smaller children can watch without hesitation.
The Kids Games are absolutely non-violent and educationally valuable. The games are particularly suitable for children between 3 and 10 years of age. It is possible to show commercials; of course, these are also checked according to strict criteria to ensure they are suitable for children.

Placing of your own commercials increases brand awareness, third-party spots serve as an opportunity to refinance your solution. We would be happy to help you find suitable advertising partners.

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