Podcast Production for the Augsburg Panthers

1878 – the official Panther-Podcast

At the beginning of the 30th PENNY DEL season, the Augsburg Panthers, supported by echion AG, started a new digital project. The official Panther Podcast went online in September 2023. The podcast replaces the printed magazine “1878 Inside” and will bring the content to fans in a modern and digital way. This means fans have the opportunity to find out about their club at any time and from anywhere – not just in the stadium.

Professional Podcast Production in Augsburg

Max Becker, editor and speaker for echion AG, gives exciting insights into the world of ice hockey as host of the Augsburg Panther Podcast. Great guests, exciting interviews and news about the team will entertain Panther fans digitally from now on. Every second Wednesday of the month we will publish a new episode for the fans of the Augsburg ice hockey club.

We welcome the players, representatives and partners of the Augsburg Panthers and also well-known people from the German ice hockey world directly in our in-house recording studio in Augsburg. At least two guests are interviewed per episode using professional and state-of-the-art technology. A main guest and another guest from the “special team” complement each other on the topic of each current episode. The focus of the podcast is on the background, exciting stories and personal information from the everyday life of the team and its crew. 

The commercial breaks, the so-called power breaks, are also authentic and creative, as the brand messages of the advertising partners are sensibly incorporated into the respective episode.

In addition to the necessary editing and mastering, professional sound mixing after every recording provides for the best sound quality on all devices.

Unique Podcast Sound Design

How do the Augsburg Panthers sound? That’s exactly what we thought about at the beginning in collaboration with Klangmacher GmbH. Together we developed a unique music bed including the appropriate background noise that perfectly represents the ice hockey club. The podcast therefore has a distinctive sound and recognition value and is also a perfect extension of the Augsburg Panther’s corporate identity.

Full-Service including Publication

In addition to the conception, creation and podcast production, we also take care of publication on all important and common platforms. By analytically evaluating the statistics and listener data, we regularly draw conclusions about performance and can further optimize the podcast.

Customer Opinions:

echion AG has been an official supplier of the Augsburg Panthers since 2019. The ice hockey club from the region has already entrusted us with various LED installations, including content production and content control. With the podcast, another new format is now being added. Not only the fans are excited, but also the AEV itself:

Referenzen - Instore Lösungen für Partner Augsburger Panther

“The Panther podcast is very popular with our fans. Together with echion AG, we have created a format that has never existed before in German ice hockey with this quality. Podcasts can be listened to on almost any occasion, create a strong, personal connection with our fans and can convey topics that are important to us in a much deeper way than our website, print products or social media.”

Stefan Esch, Management Media & Communication, Augsburg Panthers

“Through the Panther podcast, we have managed to expand our portfolio with a high-quality advertising measure, which has been very well accepted by our partners. The combination of editorial content and advertising presence harmonizes perfectly and is unique in this way. This gives us a great reach across a broad audience.”

Christian Frisch, Marketing Manager, Augsburg Panthers

Digital signage solutions Donautherme Ingolstadt

„Turn each day into a new experience“ – this is the motto of the new Donautherme in Ingolstadt.

Since its opening in March 2023 several echion digital signage solutions are an integral part of the modern guest experience at Donautherme.

Donautherme 3er Wall

New Situation at Donautherme

After almost four years of construction inauguration of the new Donautherme in Ingolstadt was in March 2023. After taking over of the site Stadtwerke Ingolstadt Freizeitanlagen GmbH realized core renovation during running operation as well as a new building of the thermal spa.

The new annex is ready to welcome approximately 400.000 visitors per year, who will experience an attractive and versatile recreational offer: Besides peace and quiet in the thermal spa or one of the seven saunas, it provides fun and action in the recreational pool with two additional slides. A self-service restaurant in the pool area and a classic restaurant in the sauna area offer an extensive gastronomy. Company GMF GmbH & Co. KG (Company for development and management of recreational systems) will take over operations management.

Digital Signage as Part of the new Spa Concept

With extensive modifications and an innovative design, a new modern appearance was in the focus. In addition to optical factors, it is the goal to communicate information and offers to the visitors quickly and simply. The echion AG flexible digital signage solutions have therefore become part of the new Donautherme and optimally present each touchpoint.

Within one week we realized the complete digital signage installation at Donautherme with our installation team: eleven single screens and one projector optically support the single areas. Two digital signage walls, consisting of three video wall screens each, mounted next to each other, round off the concept.

The outdoor screen on the slide tower fulfills the special safety and weather-related requirements without an additional frame.

Digital Signage in all Areas

The new digital signage installations are not only an optical eye-catcher but flexibly transport information, offers and emotions to the visitors taking under consideration the new Donautherme CI:

  • Digital schedules for daily aromatic steam events in the saunas
  • Menu boards in the food court showing daily menus and culinary specials
  • Price overviews of the single areas in the entrance hall
  • Exercise and therapy offers are displayed at the wellness counter
  • Two screens in sauna lounge as well as a projector in the relaxation room display relaxing nature contents
  • Additionally, all digital signage installations show appealing contents of the different spa areas

Together with company Stadtwerke Ingolstadt Freizeitanlagen GmbH and company GMF GmbH & Co. KG we worked out a widespread concept for customer approach on all important touchpoints and adapted the solutions accordingly.

Digital Signage Content: Production and Administration

The echion AG motion graphics team designed and produced all contents for opening of the new spa together with the Donautherme marketing department. The digital content was completely adapted to the latest look & feel to guarantee the recognition factor in all areas. Even the mascot ”Otti“ was animated for digital signage and is an inspiration especially for the little guests.

No matter if price overviews, wellness or restaurant offers – the contents give you the relevant information at the right location and general, relaxing mood contents support the pleasant atmosphere in each area.

Important: The digital signage contents need to be flexible and adaption must be possible with minimum effort: all contents can be monitored, administered and new contents may be added at any time by means of the echion-own content management system, the echion Manager.



  • 2 video walls consisting of 3 ea Samsung VH55B-E
  • 1 Samsung SH37R-B in stretch format
  • 1 Samsung QM75B
  • 5 Samsung QM55B
  • 1 Samsung QM43B
  • 2 Samsung QM65B
  • 1 outdoor screen Samsung OH55A


  • 1 projector Panasonic PT EW 530

Player & Control-System:

  • 11 echion video players
  • 1 controls broadcast 

Customer Opinions

“Alongside the team of echion AG, we have implemented an absolutely cohesive, modern, and flexible concept for our new DONAUTHERME. The collaboration has been and continues to be professional, creative, innovative, and uncomplicated. From the very first moment, we felt well taken care of and could rely on echion AG as a strong partner. Many thanks for the outstanding commitment from the entire team – it has become a magnificent thermal experience that brings joy to us, the TEAM DONAUTHERME, and above all, our guests every day.”

Simone Hofbauer, Site Manager Donautherme

Donautherme Logo

“We are very thankful for the opportunity to cooperate with echion AG as a reliable partner in this extraordinarily complex large construction project. The designed instore solutions for the various touchpoints and the proposed ideas convinced and thrilled us from the beginning– especially through the beautiful and very emotional content. It becomes clear that quality and coherence of the entire concept is important to echion AG. We counsel and support various spas in Germany and would work together with echion AG again at any time.”

Sebastian Poppek, GMF

GMF Logo

Corporate Identity Sound Design Globus

A uniform and distinctive brand sound is a very important element for an integral presentation of a company’s brand and acoustic business card. In line with the big brand relaunch GLOBUS trusted in echion Mediagroup and now also acoustically communicates the brand with an individual corporate identity sound design.

Acoustic Communication of the Brand

GLOBUS has undergone a complete relaunch of its branding since 2021. The active redirection of the appearance started in spring 2022 with a logo re-design. The new corporate identity is now step by step being implemented in all outlets and market halls. Starting with the small price tag on the shelf to the complete outside perception on parking lots and buildings – the new GLOBUS branding will soon integrally appear on all touchpoints. This redirection also had to be realized acoustically: with a new corporate identity sound design.

echion - full-service professional for brand-true instore audio

Flexible Application of the Sound Design

The goal was to develop a corporate identity sound design, which strategically implements the new brand equity on all relevant channels – from radio to social media to the GLOBUS-own instore radio program. For this program we not only developed background music tracks for spots, but also modified tracks for editorial use e.g., for weather and news.
The newly defined brand equities of GLOBUS were acoustically interpreted in several workshops with the marketing team, afterwards company DIE KLANGMACHER composed the new sound in their own studio.

Long-term and Convertible Application of the new Sound Concept

The entire design should not only be unique, but also sustainable. The new corporate sound was composed for flexibility: single audio tracks can be exchanged or added and, therefore, the compositions enable refreshing or seasoning.
Additionally, two new corporate voices were casted, who are now the brand ambassadors of GLOBUS. One male and one female voice are now representing the brand GLOBUS at the point of sale.

The new GLOBUS corporate identity sound is distinctive and unique and an important element of the new branding. The sound as well as the speakers’ voices transport the brand GLOBUS from the studio to the shoppers – on all audible channels and media, for a long-term recognition factor.

Augsburger Allgemeine Customer Center

Initial Situation

On the 1st of July 2022 Augsburger Allgemeine opened its new world of experience. Mediengruppe Pressedruck, as a modern and trendsetting organization, presents its new concept at a special location directly at the Augsburg Town Hall Square. The new store invites to experience media as well as service and trading offers in a new way and supports contact to regional people. It presents itself as a central meeting point for readers, listeners, viewers and business partners.

The first touchpoint to the core medium, the Augsburg daily newspaper, is directly in the entrance area. A double-sided stele was installed in the display window. The screen informs passersby about current activities. On the inside it offers an interactive touch screen. Here the visitor can read the current Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper edition, get information about offers and events as well as the single Media Group organizations. Among other things the local television program is broadcasted via an additional number of eight screens in different positions. The new premium sound equipment in the store with high-quality hardware ensures professional acoustics.

Tickets, special regional gift ideas as well as personal reader service is offered in the central sales area. Current events and product offers are digitally displayed on three screens in portrait format and invite to participate in upcoming events or to do some shopping.

The media lounge is a new area, which invites to dialogue: for interviews and discussions with the editorial departments, for lectures and seminars or even podcasts and live formats. According to the motto “From the region, for the region”, the new world of experience continues to offer the familiar personal customer service and will be supplemented with an optimal network to all media services of Augsburger Allgemeine.

echion - full-service professional for brand-true instore solutions

Project Description

The multi-media store concept in Augsburg was installed within 5 days. Our experienced team of solution designers, technicians and installers mounted, implemented and tested a complete solution of technical equipment in the new world of experience.

Installation of a total of ten screens, one projector, eleven premium sound speakers with subwoofer and the corresponding central technology as well as media technology with microphones and mixing console was organized hand in hand.

The components were smoothly integrated into the framework of our partner Ladenbau Balzer from Gersthofen and result in an optically perfect concept. The customers are addressed by the screens at various touchpoints in the store. An individual concept with interactive touch screen was developed and programmed for the double-sided screen in the display window.

The Bose premium speakers were strategically planned and installed throughout the new store. The additional Subwoofer ensures an overall high-quality sound experience. Various devices, among others Apple TV, may be connected to the system and broadcasted via the regular sound system. Control is possible via flexible web surfaces (Audac Touch). The new location offers perfect surroundings for events, performances, moderations or TV shootings at any time.

Thanks to the cooperation with our partners, we were able to offer the new customer center of Augsburger Allgemeine an entire multi-media concept on 290 m²: from hardware, individual software solutions and media technology to the entire installation and implementation – all from one source.



  • 3 x Samsung QM65R
  • 1 x Samsung OM55N
  • 1 x Samsung QH55R
  • 1 x Samsung QM55R-T
  • 3 x Samsung QH43R
  • 1 x Samsung QB24R

Premium Sound

  • 11 x Bose ceiling installed speakers
  • 1 x Bose Subwoofer
  • Amplifier: Audac


  • 1 x Panasonic PT VMZ50

Media Technology

  • Microphone: Sennheiser
  • Mixing console: Yamaha

Programming / Processing

  • Interactive Touch Screen

Here a view on the interactive touchscreen in the display window:

Customer Comments

„We are happy to have found a strong regional partner for our world of experience with echion AG. From the project start to the complete installation echion AG provided complete commitment and the highest level of motivation. We are entirely happy with the completed solutions and would work again with echion AG at any time.”

Holger Böhmeke, Management Marketing and Business Development, Augsburger Allgemeine

Logo der Augsburg Allgemeinen

Partner Comments

„echion AG with its visual and auditive instore solutions perfectly completed our store concept and design. The joint communication during the project, analysis of the various touchpoints and the resulting ideas were creative, highly professional and the cooperation was a pleasure for us. The work quality and reliability during realization of the project is extremely important to us as well as to the echion AG team. For this reason, our cooperation was absolutely trustworthy from the beginning and resulted in an amazing symbiosis. We are looking forward to future joint ventures!”

Robert Schechinger, CEO, Ladenbau Balzer Gersthofen

Logo Ladenbau Balzer

Digital Signage LLOYD

Initial Situation

Echion AG has been taking care of company LLOYD in the field of audio since 2009 and is broadcasting its program in approx. 30 stores now. In the year 2022 LLOYD decided to modify the existing digital signage equipment in seven LLOYD stores to echion AG technology and systems as well. A flexible content management system enabling LLOYD to book and manage the delivered contents themselves without losing any time, was one important requirement on the new system.  

Project description

The screens in the LLOYD stores are well integrated into the store construction based on an extensive central store concept to show a uniform picture of the digital signage touchpoints in the stores. We checked the existing screens on these touchpoints such as the shop window or in the areas of premium furniture and the sneaker wall and equipped them with our echion video player. Preparation was made in cooperation with LLOYD and the responsible store construction company.

Besides modification of existing screens in six stores, a completely new screen was installed in the Munich store. This screen is an additional eye-catcher in the area of premium furniture in the newly opened store.  Conceptual design was also based on the LLOYD store concepts in cooperation with the external store construction company.

It is planned to equip more LLOYD stores with the echion AG screens and software solutions.


The echion own content management system, the “echion Manager“ fulfills the requirement of a flexible, self-controllable management tool. After a briefing and training in the system, LLOYD can now easily and simply book and manage its own contents on the screens.

echion - full-service professional for brand-true instore solutions
Logo Lloyd sw

Customer Statement

“We as LLOYD are very happy to have a competent and reliable partner with echion AG by our side.”

Marcus Grünhagen, LLOYD Shoes GmbH

LLOYD Sneakerwand
LLOYD Damenabteilung

Siemens “The Wings”

Initial Situation

The four sculptures ”The Wings“ were designed by the American architect and artist Daniel Libeskind. The sculptures with a matted aluminum finish measure 10 meters in height and weigh 15 tons. They symbolize an “Innovation Bridge“ between historically significant sites of company Siemens and the world. For the first time “The Wings” were displayed at Expo 2015 in Milan.

Integrated in the surface are thousands of LEDs, which allow graphic animation and refer to the topic of digitalization.

Today the sculptures are located at different significant Siemens sites to illustrate the enterprise’s interconnectivity: One sculpture is in front of the corporate headquarters in Munich, another at the largest site of the group in Erlangen, one in Berlin and the last one in front of the Siemens headquarters in Italy, in Milan.


echion AG accompanied the move of three sculptures to Germany and took over technical support for the wing LEDs in Munich and Berlin at this point. In addition to LED hardware, echion’s service includes the Wallwashers, which provide for a modern Wing light concept. It can be individually controlled and adapted.


The Wing content is also created by company echion: By means of a pattern the desired contents are established to fit the LED matrix and then logged in. The impressive sculptures are perfectly complemented by the fitting content and serve as an ideal platform to optically take up also special events. Furthermore, the content concept can be advanced and perfected with interactive elements.


Traxon LED-Strings
Pixel distance 5 cm – 1.50 m

echion - full-service professional for brand-true led installations
Kundenprojekte- Skulptur Siemens "The Wings"
© Siemens


Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur (KPM)

Since September 2021, the pavilion of the building complex on Kurfürstendamm, built in 1955/1956, has been the home of three traditional Berlin companies, acting under the same (stylish) roof. Berlin´s oldest chocolate manufacturer Sawade and the Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur (KPM) share the porch of the building and the best coffee from EINSTEIN KAFFEE is served on the right wing on the pavilion.

The prominent location, which was previously used by the star hairdresser Udo Walz as a salon, offers ideal conditions to stage high quality, handmade indulgence, and pure luxury in a perfect manner.

The special architecture of the building and the unique wall pieces made of porcelain flour, chalk and glue from the manufactory Welter are just one part of the special highlights in the new store.


To complement the high-quality equipment, we installed an indoor LED wall directly in the shop window of the pavilion on Kurfürstendamm. The installation serves as an additional eye-catcher in the building`s shop window and attracts attention until late at night through its matching brand-content.

The 5.31 sqm LED wall was installed on the back wall of a shelf to save space and its front is used to present the products. The cooperation with the shopfitter Fischerplan commissioned by KPM went hand in hand. The result is a hardware solution perfectly integrated into the shopfitting, which has been specifically adjusted to the special lighting conditions of the urban environment.


The Motion Graphics department of echion AG created content from image and film material supplied by customers, which has been optimized for the special playout properties of the LED wall.


• LED Videodisplay ShineIN 2.6
LED Type Nationstar Copperwire 2121
Area: 5.31 sqm

• Echion Videoplayer

echion LED Projekte: Königliche Pozellan Manufaktur Berlin

Customer Review

„From the start of the project to the final implementation – the highest level of professionalism with exclusive results.“

Alexander Feyerabend, KPM Berlin
Referenzen - Instore Lösungen für Kunde Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur Berlin

Copenhagen Studios

The shoe brand Copenhagen Studios chose one of the most popular shopping streets in the center of Hamburg for their new flagship store. On an area of 40 square meters, the new premises on the Großen Bleiche offer the best conditions for an eye-catching presentation of the goods.


The shopfitting reminds of an art gallery: Thanks to the mono-color effect in white, the wall, floor, and ceiling merge into one entity to bring the products even more to the focus. The clean look is broken up by the trendy pieces of furniture and a screen that is 6 meters high, which makes the brand come alive with current video content. A projector that transmits the Copenhagen logo on the wall completes the brand-feeling in the store.

The store concept was implemented by the Copenhagen Studios together with their long-term partner Jörg Fischer from Fischerplan Berlin. Thanks to the excellent cooperation, the LED installation of echion AG integrated seamlessly into the shopfitting and thus contributes perfectly to the overall modern picture. The LED wall as installed directly on a partition wall and does not require a mount at all.


The image and video material is booked by Copenhagen Studios independently and completely flexibly via an inhouse platform, the echion Manager. By this, the right content can be played out any time: for the brand itself, campaigns, the presentation of new products, etc.


LED Videodisplay ShineIN 2.6
LED Type Nationstar Copperwire 2121
Area: 6.49 sqm
Luminosity: 4,000 cd/m2

• Projector Panasonic PT-VMZ51SEJ
3LCD-Projector with laser technology
WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200) resolution
5,200 lumens brightness & 3,000,000:1 dynamic contrast
Integrated 10W speaker

• Echion Videoplayer

echion LED Projekte - Copenhagen Studios Hamburg

Partner Review

„With echion AG, we have found a partner with whom we can equip shopfitting projects for our customers with high-quality technical solutions. From the appropriate design of the LED hardware to the control of the entire installation, everything is in one hand. This has significantly simplified the handling of projects for us. After these first good experiences we are looking forward to further joint projects.”

Jörg Fischer – Geschäftsführer, FISCHERPLAN

Referenzen - LED Projekte für Kunde Fischerplan

Instore concept Wohn Schick

Initial Situation

The extensive conversion of the Wohn Schick headquarters in Haigerloch-Owingen, on more than 3.000 square meters, marks the beginning of an omnichannel shopping experience for customers of the future. echion AG was able to participate in the new concept of Wohn Schick, concentrating on the audio sound reinforcement – premium sound and digital signage with separate screens and video walls. In addition, in-store radio has been repositioned in stores to present customers with a coordinated mix of advertising, entertainment, and information.

Project description

Since December 2021, echion Corporate Communication AG has been equipping the furniture stores Wohn Schick and K-Markt with the entire range of in-store media. This includes the implementation of in-store radio with royalty-free music and editorial contributions such as spots and infotainment. Another profitable aspect involves digital signage touchpoints with high-quality video animations on various video walls. The solutions provided by echion perfectly supported and complemented the brands Wohn Schick, K-Markt and the new customer journey.

echion - full-service professional for brand-true instore solutions

Music Formats

When designing the individual music format, the primary focus was the Wohn Schick brand and the new brand image during the relaunch. Among other things, suitable adjectives and emotions were determined for slogans such as “a piece of design” and then translated into music styles.

As part of the comprehensive target group analysis, the visitors of Wohn Schick could be divided into three main groups. Adapted to the target groups, three broadcast clocks were created, whose music styles are precisely adapted to the respective visitors during the day and their interests.  

The target group which visits Wohn Schick mainly in the morning and attaches importance to sustainability, quality and craftmanship, is treated with a musical mix of lounge, jazz, and classics. In the further course of the day, the target group of families, who value comfort and a home feeling, are addressed by a mixture of RnB Soul, Singer-Songwriter, and classical sounds. The younger, working target group usually visits Wohn Schick in the evening and selects furnishings mainly according to their design and variety. This target group is musically addressed by the genres RnB Soul and Softhouse in combination with Lounge and classics.

The target group of K-Markt was also analyzed separately and translated into a musical direction with two broadcast clocks, tailored to the visitor groups in the morning and afternoon.

Instore Medienkonzepte bei Wohn Schick mit Küchenscreens
Kundenprojekte - neue Instore Medienkonzepte bei Wohn Schick


Kundenprojekte - neue Instore Medienkonzepte bei Wohn Schick
Kundenprojekte - neue Instore Medienkonzepte bei Wohn Schick mit Einzelscreen


Hardware Audio Wohn Schick Owingen:

  • 1 Giada audio player
  • 64 Bose speakers
  • 4 Ecler amplifiers
  • 1 Ecler audio matrix

  Hardware Video Wohn Schick Owingen:

  • 17 Giada video players
  • 12 Philipps video wall monitors
  • 21 Peerless PopUp mounts
  • 10 Philipps LCD monitors
  • 1 GSM Werbetechnik special mount
  • 10 Apple TV boxes

  Hardware Audio + Video M-Markt Owingen:

  • 1 Giada audio player
  • 1 Philipps LCD monitor
  • 1 Peerless PopUp mount
  • 1 Giada video player

  Hardware Audio + Video Wohn Schick Rottweil

  • 1 Giada audio player
  • 1 Philipps LCD monitor
  • 1 Peerless PopUp mount
  • 1 Giada video player

  Hardware Audio K-Markt Rottweil

  • 1 Giada audio player
Referenzen - Instore Lösungen für Kunde Wohn Schick

Customer Review

“The echion AG proves to be s competent full-service provider during both the planning and the implementation. Since the start, which was their competent advice on the professional implementation in our stores, we felt and still feel well guided and looked after. A big thank you for the good cooperation. We are very much looking forward to next exciting projects with the echion AG.”

Judith Schick Pieper, CEO Wohn Schick

Instore concept Zwilling

Initial Situation

As part of the redesign of the flagship store in Solingen, Germany, Zwilling has set itself the goal of increasing their customer experience in the shop. Shopping for exclusive houseware has become an exhilarating experience for all Zwilling customers through the integration of premium sound and digital signage. To do so, Zwilling relied on echion´s many years of experience and know-how.

Project description

To support the different brands of Zwilling, Staub, Demeyere, Ballarini and Miyabi, a total of seven 55” portrait format displays were integrated into the shopfitting.

A 98” display behind the cash register completes the setup.

echion relies on the extensive and high-quality audio technology from NewTec for premium sound. The Wi-Fi speakers for the light rail fit perfectly into the concept of the store and provide prime sound on the area. 

Adapted formats give Zwilling a completely new flair through the introduction of individual digital signage solutions at different touchpoints.

The music program created especially for Zwilling ensures a noble atmosphere that meets both the high quality of Zwilling as well as the high demands of Zwilling customers.

echion - full-service professional for brand-true instore solutions
Kundenprojekte - neue Instore Medienkonzepte bei Wohn Schick
Kundenprojekte - neue Instore Medienkonzepte bei Wohn Schick

The Sound of Zwilling

Shopping at Zwilling seems like a visit to a Michelin-starred restaurant – except that instead of lamb fillet and crème brulé, the high-quality products are in the focus and the quality is not only noticeable with the eyes, but also with the ears. Zwilling is a special and noble brand of a superior nature which is exactly how the brand should be presented musically. For this, we leave nothing to chance: a hand-picked menu of jazz and lounge, enriched with sophisticated pop and chilled beats reflect the taste of the customers and ensures an exclusive shopping experience.

Kundenprojekte - neue Instore Medienkonzepte bei Wohn Schick
Kundenprojekte - neue Instore Medienkonzepte bei Wohn Schick

Instore Solutions for Car Dealer Reisacher

initial situation

In 2020, the Reisacher Group opened its large BMW brand world dealership for BMW, BMW i, BMW M, MINI, ALPINA and BMW Motorcycles in Augsburg. Covering an area of 36,000 square meters, the dealership sets standards in the areas of customer orientation, digitalization and sustainability. As service provider, echion AG was responsible for the equipment set up with premium audio and LED.

the Projekt

The optical highlight of the digital signage installation is the 55 m² LED wall on the outer facade facing the main street. It was complemented by LED bands connected to a digital wayfinding system customized for Reisacher, which guides customers to the right place on the premises as soon as they enter the premises. Inside, an 18.1 m² L-shaped LED display and an 8 m² double-sided LED become an attention-grabbing eye-catcher.

echion - full-service professional for brand-true instore solutions
Referenzen - LED Installation beim Autohaus Reisacher in Augsburg
Referenzen - LED Installation beim Autohaus Reisacher in Augsburg

Premium Sound for the show rooms

The echion music editorial team developed an exclusive in-store sound program for the BMW showroom as well as for the MINI and BMW Motorcycles areas. The special challenge for the hardware equipment was to separate the seamlessly merging sales areas acoustically and precisely from each other and also to be able to guarantee interference-free consultation from every point of the salesroom. In order not to compromise the modern, minimalist visual design of the car dealership with visible cable runs, wireless loudspeakers were selected that could be seamlessly integrated into the existing lighting concept.

Hardware LED

  • LED exterior façade – 55.9 sqm².
  • Brightness: 8.000 cd/qm² -Pixel distance 10 mm
  • LED wall – 7.4 sqm
  • brightness: 6.000 cd/sqm² -pixel distance 3,9 mm
  • LED Service Garage – 17.9 sqm²
  • LED vestibule – BMW 4.7 sqm²
  • LED wind trap – mini 4.7 sqm²
  • Brightness: 6,000 cd/sqm² – Pixel pitch 3.9 mm
  • LED display – mini L-shape 18.1 sqm²
  • Brightness: 1.000 cd/qm² – Pixel pitch 2,5 mm
  • LED display double-sided – motorcycle 8.2 sqm²
  • brightness: 1.000 cd/qm² – pixel pitch 2,0 mm

Hardware Audio

  • 54 wireless speakers Audio Pro Business SP-1 & SP-3
  • 7 wireless subwoofers SUB-1 & Sub-3
  • 5 TX-1 wireless transmitters,
  • 5 VOL-1 volume controls
Reisacher Logo

This is what our customers think:

“Our projects with echion were supported with quick communication channels and competent handling. During our joint cooperation, we especially appreciated the very personal, yet professional support and the competent project management.”