In-Store Multichannel

The rising popularity of online shopping has also led to a massive shift in expectations: customers want each product to be available at the best price at all times. echion In-store Multichannel closes the gap between the limited space available in individual retail stores and the virtually unlimited availability of products online.

We give you the opportunity to focus on fast-moving products with a high margin that increase sales density and offer the widest possible range of products. This makes echion In-Store Multichannel an important element in the success of the retail concepts of the future.

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echion In-Store Multichannel Projects

As part of our echion In-Store Multichannel projects we help you link your brick-and-mortar retail space with your online retail platform.

Once we have analysed the status quo and looked into possible implementation scenarios, we provide the following support:

From connecting your shop to the existing database structure of your online shop to roll-out and daily operations.

We deliver everything from a single source: conception, programming, design, implementation, daily operations and continuous development.


echion AG - Instore Multichannel Fakten


of customers buy a product from a competitor if it is not available.
In-Store Multichannel
increases customer loyalty!

echion AG - Instore Multichannel Fakten


of sales are lost due to out-of-stock items. 

In-Store Multichannel
increases sales!

echion AG - Instore Multichannel Fakten


of customers consider out-of-stock items the main reason for dissatisfaction with brick-and-mortar retailers.

In-Store Multichannel
increases customer satisfaction!

echion AG - Instore Multichannel Fakten


of customers would order an out-of-stock item in the shop.

Customers want
In-Store Multichannel!

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